Lego Posse!

How’s that for a fun looking posse! My friend sent it to me a couple of days ago. I especially like how the Raptor has studs on it’s back so you could take the legs off a minifig and easily mount them. It’d be easy to swap weapons to match what each member is equipped with. And there are enough wild west Lego minifigs to really get that cowboy look going.
It looks like Lego has a whole new line of “Dinohunters”, and four of the popular dinosaurs (T-Rex, Raptor, Triceratops, Pterodactyl). You can see the official site if you’re interested.
This makes me want to play a game of Dinosaur Cowboys using Lego posses. I think I could even use my original terrain, with perhaps some Lego buildings to keep it interesting and different. I know that there is an unofficial Lego wargame called BrikWars, and other games have been converted to Lego successfully. For example here is a set of photos from someone running Song of Blade and Heroes as Lego. Pretty cool stuff!

Related: Dinosaur Cowboys battle report using Lego posses! Read the Thermopolis Outpost Raid with Lego.

In terms of the game I’m hoping to get some expansion Undead rules brainstormed before November hits. I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month again…hopefully with more success than last year where I started strong and then totally teetered off and gave up. This year I have a couple more friends than normal writing and I’m trying to stay psyched about my topic (sci-fi space exploration).
Of course it’d be great to get one last game of Dinosaur Cowboys in before November, but we’ll see!

3 Responses to “Lego Posse!”

  1. creature1 Says:

    I just joined nanowrimo today myself. The posse is real neat. I’ve seen a little bit of the Dinohunters stuff in stores but not all the pieces. They now have monster Hunter Legos to.
    Have a Great Day!!!
    The “Creature”

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