Variant Rule: Fleeing Facing

Shot-in-the-BackHave you felt that failing a Bravery Test and Fleeing isn’t brutal enough? Well fear not, as I thought up a quick and easy rule to make it absolutely horrendous and most likely fatal to Flee.

Fleeing Facing: When a character is marked with a Fleeing token immediately change their Facing to be directly away from the most recent attacker.

In other words, free Surprise Hits to their back, meaning 10+ to Crit! This variant adds an extra tactical option of trying to force an enemy to Flee so that the rest of the posse can shoot them as they run. It’s such a simple and effective way to provide additional vulnerability to a Fleeing target. Plus I was able to achieve this using my favorite approach: leveraging existing rules (in this case Surprise Hit).

This makes Bravery much more important as Fleeing might mean a death sentence now.

This also differentiates Dinosaurs further since they aren’t affected by the rule, being based on Discipline instead and all.

Anyway this will be in the next version as an official variant, but feel free to give it a shot in your next game.

Variant Rule: Melee Disengage
This isn’t an official variant rule (yet, at least) but I was thinking today a good option for entities that wish to safely leave melee combat is to take a half Move which does not provoke a Snap Attack, whereas a full Move would. I also wish I had a better name for “Snap Attack”, but I can’t think of one. D&D did so well with Attack of Opportunity, haha.

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