Three dinosaur video game mods

I was randomly looking around the internet a while back and decided to see if there were dinosaur related mods for various video games. I didn’t find as many as I would have liked, for example I was hoping to find a Left 4 Dead 2 mod that replaces the zombies with dinosaurs, but regardless here are the results:

Left 4 Dead 2 – Velociraptor Survivors
L4D2_VelociraptorsBasically replaces the standard survivor models with Velociraptors. Even has the hands modeled when you’re in first person view, which is a nice touch.
Get the mod

Skyrim – Dinosaurus Era
Skyrim_Dinosaurus-EraGreat looking mod that adds dinosaurs as enemies. So far they have a couple of the standard creatures done. Really nice animations.
Get the mod
See the video
Also I’d love to find out what this cool looking T-Rex is from, also for Skyrim:

Half Life 2 – Jurassic Life
HL2_Jurassic-ParkBuilt on one of the best engines ever (Source Engine) this map for Half Life 2 looks really immersive and interesting. Plus the project seems relatively alive, which is rare these days for a mod.
Get the mod
See the video

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