Two rulesets and two miniature ranges

I’ve had these four items sitting around for a while, but I thought I’d link them and talk about them.

First of all two miniatures ranges that could be used for Dinosaur Cowboys.

Foundry Old West Miniatures
Foundry-Old-West-MiniaturesFoundry has a great variety of realistic miniatures. I’ve purchased a couple in the past when I was playing The Sword and The Flame (phenomenally fun Victorian era stuff). The miniatures themselves are a little “flat”, in the sense that they feel very 2D and don’t have a lot of depth to them. But for the price, variety, and accuracy they can’t be beat. The image to the right are some of the Mountain Men line, but they have a full range of cowboys, indians, etc.

Spartan Games – Dystopian Legions
Dystopian-LegionsI’ve played Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games, and have read about Dystopian Wars (a large scale steampunk naval game). Well the company has just recently released a 28mm skirmish game that “zooms in on the action” of Dystopian Wars. This new game is called Dystopian Legions. They have four unique looking armies available. I particularly think the Kingdom of Britannia and Federated States of America figures would work great. Britannia are steampunk Victorian era, and the American ones are a mix of cowboys and civil war style troops. As with most figures that try to combine old west with modern technology they ended up going the steampunk route, which you either like or loathe. No idea how the game itself plays, but the miniatures would be a great addition to a posse.

And then two rulesets that involve either cowboys or dinosaurs. Again this is still a very niche genre, so I’m happy to find anything even roughly related.

Wild West Exodus
Wild-West-ExodusThis company is creating both a ruleset and a miniature line. The miniatures are styled in an extreme steampunk manner. No dinosaurs in sight, but you never know with this type of game. I think some of the figures (like the one pictured to the right) would work well for Neotechnoists. I read the beta document of their rules and wasn’t overly impressed. The system seemed clunky and seemed to take all the bad elements from Warhammer 40,000 without adding or innovating. Different statistics for every troop type, entire turn based UGO-IGO, etc. Maybe in the future they’ll clean up the rules, but as of this writing I’d stick to the figures and stay away from the game.

Wildly Heroic Action Pulp (WHAP) Cowboys vs Dinosaurs
No idea what this ruleset plays like, but from the product description I’d imagine light, fast, and fun. They have an adventure based around cowboys hunting and fighting a dinosaur using a similar plotline to Valley of Gwangi. No picture for this one unfortunately.

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