What is needed to play

I took the above picture yesterday night, and am quite happy with how it turned out. The colors are nice and vibrant and I was able to fit in all the important game components. My intent is to put this at the end of the Game Overview section of the rulebook.

As a reminder, here is the list of items necessary (straight from the current rulebook):

• 30-­60 minutes of time (more terrain or larger, stronger posses will increase playtime)
• This rulebook and one Posse Roster per player
• Pencils and erasers
• Measuring tape or stick
• A flat surface to play on with representations of terrain
• 28mm character figurines or miniatures
• Multiple 12 sided dice (referred to as D12s)
• A few 6 sided dice (referred to as D6s)
• One of each 4 sided die (D4), 8 sided die (D8), and 10 sided die (D10)
◦ If these dice are unavailable you can substitute D12s through re­rolls or compressing a range of numbers
• Token markers for Moved, Acted, Fleeing, Panic, Reload, Stunned, Slowed, Stopped
◦ These can be simple scraps of paper, colored beads, discs of wood, or custom made plastic tokens

I still would like a way to cut out the D4, D8, and D10 and just keep the game to D6s and D12s. But Panic Movement is currently built around those dice and I can’t think of another flavorful, fun mechanic as a replacement.

Of course if the above picture looks like the hobby supplies you have lying around, and you want to give the game a shot, feel free to either check out the playtesting information or download the latest rulebook.

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