Going into cold storage

JP-Frozen-EmbryosWell my personal life is going to intrude with ability to sit down and play Dinosaur Cowboys for the foreseeable future. I’m looking at moving houses and the dinosaurs, terrain, and figures just went into cold storage (aka a cardboard moving box) last night.
But yeah, I might try to post here and there, but any content would just be related to the game as compared to battle reports. Plus I figure I’ll be swamped doing showings, viewings, paper work, etc. When everything is settled I’ll definitely be eager to try Dinosaur Cowboys in some kind of half-imagined games room!
And obviously if you can’t identify the movie scene featured in the image then you need to see more dinosaur movies!

Update end of May: I’m still alive, and still unable to get back to Dinosaur Cowboys at this point. All my figures and dice are packed away. By the end of June I’ll be moved to my new house, so hopefully sometime in July I can start posting again. Definitely missing my tabletop fix!

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