Hooray hooray I’m back I’m back!

Fiiiiiiiiinally I’m back to a place where I can make new entries, play more Dinosaur Cowboys, tweak a few rules, and maybe even try to paint a few figures. My move went well and I’m now in a much larger house compared to my previous living arrangements. In the long gap I used my creative energies to make a quick, light boardgame of Few vs Many called Cornered (which I might post briefly about in the future), take advantage of the Steam Summer Sale to buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown and play a ton of that, get caught up on my movie watching, and generally bask in the sunny outdoors with BBQs and fun activities.

Anyway I have a few links saved up to post about, so I’ll try to get through those the next couple of days. In my new house I have a dedicated games room (still partially being set up) so once I finish unpacking my figures I’ll get a game of Dinosaur Cowboys going to have a new battle report to post. I’m also looking to synchronize the current rulebook to a Dropbox download to make it easier to keep up to date between “official” releases.

In the mean time here are some cool genre bending pieces of dinosaur art and a bunch of incredibly well done figures:
Those pictures, and plenty more, are from the great Colonel O’Truth’s Miniature Issues blog: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Heck even some Warhammer 40,000 Ork dinosaur riders:

Other Miniature Lines
In other miniature news, there are some nice true western figures from “Ainsty Castings”, like these (including Abraham Lincoln with an axe ala the recent Vampire Hunter movie). They have a bunch of cool resin terrain too.

Other Cowboys vs Dinosaur Game
Someone made a quick and simple game out of the classic dollar store Cowboys vs Indians plastic toys, which I think every kid has considered doing at one point or another. Normally this wouldn’t be related to Dinosaur Cowboys, but they also made rules for dollar store plastic dinosaurs! Read more at Gamification + Dinosaurs.

Video Games in the Genre
There are two pieces of news related to video games in the genre. The first is about the underwhelming ORION: Dino Beatdown game that was so bad that they tried to rename it to ORION: Dino Horde (similar to how The War Z was such a bad ripoff that they renamed it to Infestation Survivor Stories). Annnnnnyway with all that said they HAD a new DLC released, but the link I had for it (this) no longer works, so maybe they removed the DLC. All in all this is a rather boring news item :)
What is MORE exciting is The Stomping Land, which just had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and looks sort of like a multiplayer Turok. Can’t complain with that!

Goals Coming Up
I still have two Deployments I want to add to the core rulebook called “Delayed” and “Layered”. I also want to integrate the awesome art from spohniscool into the rulebook. I want to play a game before the end of the week, and hopefully get that written up by midweek next week. I’m just going to play a one-off skirmish, maybe a “Civil War” style with both posses being exactly the same. Then I want to get back to the Windy River Campaign. I also have been brainstorming some dinosaur armor and equipment rules with my friend, so I might playtest those as an optional expansion (not part of the core rules). So lots to do, but now I’m nearly 100% settled so I’ll have more time to play again!

So thanks for bearing with me while I dropped off the face of the Earth for a while. Hopefully I can get back into exciting posts full of interesting content!

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