New painted miniature: Alexander the Bartender

Above is my latest painted miniature: Alexander the Bartender. His name is kind of a nod to the Alexander Keith’s beer popular here in Canada. Apologies for the ever so slightly blurred picture. I’ll try to re-take the photo during my next game.
I went for a pretty standard paint scheme of blue jeans (washed green), dark brown vest, green shirt, hay colored hair, and a wicked looking shotgun of red wood with metal and gold inlays. The element I like best on this miniature is his “butcher’s apron”, which is so gory I should have converted the bottle he’s holding to a meat cleaver ala Bill Cutting from Gangs of New York. I went for a mix of brown ink stains, various shades of red and brown, and the best feature of all: the bloody hand print slowly dragged down the front of his robe. This combined with his twirled mustache gives Alexander quite the menacing look! I even got his eyes painted a merciless ice blue. His bottle has double X in yellow on the painted-on label, and I like how the angled brew inside ended up looking. I went for a wintery stand color with a flat light gray bordered in plain white, which REALLY stands out on the standard green tabletop.
The miniature itself is Mickey O’Doul from the Chronospace line from Reaper Mini. Terrific line up of pop culture miniatures!
Now that I’m all moved to my new house I’ve been able to sit down and paint some more. I also painted a Minotaur for my D&D campaign. Two miniatures in the same month is practically a record compared to how painfully slowly I was painting before. Hopefully it’s the start of a trend. I’ve rounded up all my cowboy-esque figures that I need to get started on. With some luck, buckling down, and inspiration winter should be a productive time.

Finally some better, less blurry pictures! And I had the first tabletop usage of the Bartender (Fight for the Flaming Gorge battle report), where he did quite well!

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