Crew of the Serenity from Firefly

First of all can we just take a collective break and realize Firefly came out over 10 years ago? That is INSANE. It feels like yesterday.

Anyway for fun I thought I’d create a Posse based on some of the characters from Firefly. The end result is a 202 IP, $1,935 gang with plenty of thematic weapons and Traits: Crew-of-the-Serenity.pdf Roster.

Malcolm Reynolds
Malcolm-Reynolds-GunI had a couple of tough questions when it came to Captain Mal, mainly “what should his main gun be?”. Looking at Internet Movie Firearm Database told me the base is a Taurus Model 85, which actually shoots a pretty small bullet. In the show the gun sometimes has laser-y sounds. So I went for how it looks in the show, not how it’d function in the real world, and gave him a Handcannon. He also seems like the type of guy to carry a knife in his boot, so I added a Hunting Knife as well.
For stats I figured he’s fairly tough and a fairly good shot, so 6 RTN, 12 HP, okay Speed, and a suit of Cloth Armor should work. With Traits I chose “Underdog Shot” pretty much for the name, since in the majority of their encounters the crew is outnumbered, or outgunned. Even against the Alliance in general they are in a rough spot. And then I gave him “Sniper Shot”, primarily motivated by the Serenity movie scene where he shoots the moving harpoon rope binding Jayne’s leg in place.

Zoe Washburne
Zoe-WashburneGenerally I find Zoe’s character to be a little annoying and one dimensional, but she’s an important part of the crew none the less so I included her. She was also a Duster allegiance since she seems pretty cowboy-esque, fought for the Independence (I always want to say “Rebels”), and could get away wearing a full length jacket.
In terms of weapons I had her “Mare’s Leg” short rifle be a 500kW Lever-Action rifle. She doesn’t hugely use it at long range, but unfortunately the weapons list doesn’t really include sawed off rifles :) She’s carried a pistol in various episodes as well, and since it wasn’t a traditional revolver I went for a Light Pistol instead of a Six-Shooter.
The very first episode of Firefly had Zoe getting shot in the chest during a deal gone sour, and she was wearing some kind of fancy sci-fi chainmail stuff. Since that isn’t exactly an armor option, I went for the next best thing which was Quilted Armor.
In terms of stats she is similar to Mal. Slightly worse shot, slightly fewer HP, but slightly better Bravery than the average person. I figured the knock in stats would make sense since she’s the second in command.
For Traits I figured a motivational “Get Up!” works perfectly, as she tends to keep everyone fighting in rough situations.

Jayne Cobb
Jayne-Cobb-and-VeraWeapons for Jayne was basically trying to narrow down what he WOULDN’T have. For one thing, grenades (“Sure would be nice to have some GRENADES right about now!”). Beyond that, anything could work. He uses a sniper rifle early on. He uses pistols, knives, and various rifles.
The most identifiable is “Vera” (so iconic it was made into a Guild Wars weapon, for example), which is pictured to the right. Obviously the weapon is rapid firing and rugged, so a Heavy Repeater was a natural fit. I filled out his repertoire with a Scattergun and two Light Pistols. His allegiance would be Bandit since he’s basically a jack-of-all-trades mercenary.
For stats I figured out a good way to represent his toughness, and that is having an innate +1 Defense WITHOUT wearing armor. Otherwise he has similar Hitpoints to Mal, since at the end of the day they seem about equal for the amount of punishment they could take. He’s also a good shot, but would tend to run from a fight depending on the odds, how he’s getting paid, etc. so I went with a worse 8 BTN.
The Trait “Back Shot” jumped out right away as something Jayne would do in combat, so that was a natural fit. I’m really pleased so far with how easy the rules translate to various pop culture characters.

Simon Tam
Simon-Tam-Brain-StuffAh the good Doctor. He should be an easy setup! I think he’s only used a gun once or twice in the show, and one of them was a stun type weapon when they were escaping the hospital. So “Stun Gun” it is. Also sort of fits with his non-combat and non-lethal personality.
Allegiance is Neotechnoist, since obviously he’s a core worlds, high-tech kind of guy. The wimpy Hitpoints worked well too in this regard. I bumped up his RTN a tiny bit to 7, worsened his Bravery a bit, and otherwise left his stats pretty much base.
There can be only one Trait for Simon, and that’s “Doctor”. To utilize this ability I gave him a TON of Medical Devices. 2 Large IRPs, 1 Lifesaving IRP, 1 Salve and Bandage, 1 Defibrillator, and a Doctor’s Bag. In the show (off the ship) he only really uses a Doctor’s Bag, but I figured a lot of other devices would would represent the tools he does have access to.

River Tam
River-TamRiver Tam is a rather important storyline character, but she’s also hard to model in this game. There aren’t exactly Psionic rules so her main strength goes out the window. So instead I went for “movie River” from Serenity, where she finally controls and uses her martial combat abilities. In this case with a gory axe and machete looking thing (which I represented as an Axe and Cutlass). Besides that I don’t think she’s carried a weapon. Because of her unbalanced disposition Savage seemed like the best allegiance.
For Traits “Berserker” seemed to make the most sense, since she tends to go a little wild every now and then. Pretty much basic stats, except a very good 6 BTN since I don’t think she’d really run from a fight or scary situation. She’s fast too with 6 Speed, but somewhat frail with 8 Hitpoints. Technically I could have given her +1 base Defense to represent her agility, but decided against it.

So there you have it, a pretty thematic posse built from popular characters from a popular TV show. I think the rules did a good job of representing everyone. Too bad there isn’t a dinosaur that could map across to a spaceship, or I would have included that in the posse.

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