“Quickdraw” rules – 9-page beginner version!

quickdraw-previewAre you new to tabletop miniature skirmish games? Does the thought of a 70 page rulebook replete with equipment lists, campaign rules, and low level character customization scare you off? Would you rather just sit down with two Posses and try out this “Dinosaur Cowboys” game you have heard about? Then you are in luck, as I’ve created a set of “Quickdraw Rules” that promise to be just the core concepts of the game, and include pre-built Posses and simple instructions for getting a game going.

Download Dinosaur Cowboys Quickdraw PDF (v2.1)

Note: If you visit this page a while after it’s posted, make sure you have the latest version! I’d recommend checking the main Download Rulebook page which always has the latest rules.

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