v2.2 – The fastest re-release in the west

Dino-Breeds_sepiaWell then, 5 days after v2.1 here is v2.2. Haha, sort of embarrassing really to have releases so close together. But a few factors meant I ended up getting a lot of important updates done soon than I expected.

First of all I created the Quickdraw rules, which are basically the core mechanics of the game compressed down into 4 pages, plus a few sample posses. But in doing so I realized there are some…structural problems with the full rulebook. So then I did a pretty big re-organization of the contents of the full rulebook. For example why was Creating a Posse stuck in the middle between combat and traits? I’ll tell you why: probably because this game was once an RPG and I haven’t really taken a fresh look at the overall organization since! But the Quickdraw rules inspired me to clean up the layout, so I did exactly that.
I also cleaned up the Turn structure to use terms that are a bit easier to remember, so it goes Refresh, Initiative, Activation, Repeat now. Maybe playing the Fantasy Flight Star Wars card game inspired me to do the term change.
With the re-organization I had some dead space on a page where I didn’t have dead space before. So I decided to put in a sepia toned picture of actual dinosaur toys. Now I originally wanted to keep the interior art purely to Library of Congress images…but good luck finding any of dinosaurs :) The image is what you see to the right.
Then some minor updates like rewording the Game Overview section (again it was pretty RPG-centric, and I realized hadn’t been rewritten or touched up since v0.3, haha).

So enjoy the fastest new version ever. I think this beats the pace I was going even in the early development days.

Download the Dinosaur Cowboys Rulebook v2.2
Quickdraw Rules v2.2 (PDF)
Quickdraw Rules v2.2 (ODT)

But hey, better to have the changes up than not. I’m also going to start mentioning the Quickdraw rules around different forums, so hopefully that generates some more interest.

3 Responses to “v2.2 – The fastest re-release in the west”

  1. Teskal Says:

    Hi, do you have a Word-Version of the Quickdraw Rules?
    I’m thinking of translating them into German.

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