Battle to Seattle – Columbia River and Tillamook

This week saw some great table setups, if I do say so myself. Also fun locations, since I love Tillamook in real life (they have a great cheese factory, and are situated in a nice coastal town). We had a new guest player as well which is always enjoyable.

Player posse rosters at the start of the game:

Columbia River
The matchup was Dustbowl Dusters against The Ferryman Slingers (NPC posse) played by the guest, who fought at the Columbia River. Both posses had the goal to cross the river using a ferry (or desperately swimming [and probably drowning]). The ferry made for a perfect bottleneck and most of the action happened aboard it. In the end Dustbowl Dusters were able to triumph against the NPCs (narrowly), but a few mistakes or different choices on either side could have swung the balance the other way. The NPC player skillfully blocked the ferry landing with their big Triceratops, which made escaping to the other side a bit tough for the Dustbowl Dusters.
You can see the NPC posse roster here: The Ferryman Slingers Roster PDF. The other option for their posse choice was “Troubled Youth”, a bunch of Neotechnoists who modeled themselves after movie characters from the 20th and 21st century. For the sake of completeness you can see that posse roster here: Troubled Youth Roster PDF.

On the other side of the table the Dustin Tails posse fought the New Haven Vigilantes at the old Tillamook train yard. The player running the New Haven Vigilantes graciously lent me some of his train set, which really made the table pop and gave a unique setup to the game. Their objective was to capture the train, so there was a bit of a mad rush forward followed by tactical shooting to hold the location. Of course to add some drama the barrels lining the tracks were Explosive, meaning they could be shot to damage nearby entities. In the end the Dustin Tails posse won by objective, and amazingly enough there were NO kills on either side (I think that’s a first for a game of Dinosaur Cowboys!).

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