My previous Nanowrimo novels

You might remember that besides game design as a hobby, I’ve also taken part in various National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) events, wherein the goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November (averging 1,667 words a day).
I started these in 2009 with a few friends, and we competed through the various years. I thought I’d share my completed stories. In 2011 I tried to write a series of Dinosaur Cowboys short stories, which have been posted here before, but unfortunately didn’t complete the 50,000 goal. And after 2012 I took a break.
So anyway if you want to check out various stories in various genres, download the PDFs and let me know what you think…

Anubis Rising – 2009 – 53,048 words
A modern story about an old man in a small town which is getting invaded by the ancient Egyptian god Anubis. Think of it as a mix of Vanishing Point, The Mummy, and Red Dawn.
2009 Nanowrimo: Anubis Rising

Highway Cowboys – 2010 – 50,017 words
My fan fiction piece of the Steve Jackson game Car Wars. The story chronicles three unique characters across America. Sunny, Sassy, and Pike (yeah, similar to Preacher Pike you see in battle reports here).
2010 Nanowrimo: Highway Cowboys

Far From Home – 2012 – 50,988 words
This story is tied with Anubis Rising for my favorite, and one I’d love to develop further (since it’s word complete, but not a complete story arc).
The story is set in a sci-fi universe where mankind achieved faster-than-light travel and communication, expanded through the universe, then lost the technology. Now years and years later Earth is ready to return to their lost colonies, which have vastly deviated to the point that most inhabitants aren’t even called Human anymore. Basically the “Sol” empire rediscovering their old “Terran” empire. I love the background and planet hopping so much that I’d consider designing an RPG around it, in fact.
2012 Nanowrimo: Far From Home

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