Finally took new components shots

Well this was a long, long time coming (far too long actually) but I finally sat down and took new component shots for the “What is Needed to Play” section of the rulebook. To be honest this was literally the only TODO holding me back from releasing v2.5. So I’m going to do a once over of the rulebook and then publish it today.
Anyway I needed to take a new component shot because the old one had D4s, D8s, and D10s, which v2.5 removes the need for (thankfully).

I think I’m going to go with the big picture above (although I’ll probably retouch the color slightly). The other two options were with different figures involved. I like the one with Sarah Love, but I find her stand a bit too bright (the red ring) and it draws the eye away from the center of the picture. I also like the one with Crazy Rhodes and his dual submachineguns, but I think the Preacher Pike mini is a bit closer to an old west feel.

What is needed to play

I took the above picture yesterday night, and am quite happy with how it turned out. The colors are nice and vibrant and I was able to fit in all the important game components. My intent is to put this at the end of the Game Overview section of the rulebook.

As a reminder, here is the list of items necessary (straight from the current rulebook):

• 30-­60 minutes of time (more terrain or larger, stronger posses will increase playtime)
• This rulebook and one Posse Roster per player
• Pencils and erasers
• Measuring tape or stick
• A flat surface to play on with representations of terrain
• 28mm character figurines or miniatures
• Multiple 12 sided dice (referred to as D12s)
• A few 6 sided dice (referred to as D6s)
• One of each 4 sided die (D4), 8 sided die (D8), and 10 sided die (D10)
◦ If these dice are unavailable you can substitute D12s through re­rolls or compressing a range of numbers
• Token markers for Moved, Acted, Fleeing, Panic, Reload, Stunned, Slowed, Stopped
◦ These can be simple scraps of paper, colored beads, discs of wood, or custom made plastic tokens

I still would like a way to cut out the D4, D8, and D10 and just keep the game to D6s and D12s. But Panic Movement is currently built around those dice and I can’t think of another flavorful, fun mechanic as a replacement.

Of course if the above picture looks like the hobby supplies you have lying around, and you want to give the game a shot, feel free to either check out the playtesting information or download the latest rulebook.