Drylands Expedition reworked to v2.5 – Windy River

Drylands-Expedition_textAs you know I’ve been working on some new weapons for the upcoming v2.5 release.

Although the live Saloon version is still using v2.3 (at the time of this post), I’ve been testing internally with building posses using a v2.5 instance of Saloon.

What that means is I got to tweak the Drylands Expedition from my Windy River test campaign to use v2.5. I tried to keep the overall flavor of each member, but was happy to be able to use some new weapons too. For example Quidel changed from a Heavy Pistol (which no longer exists) to a LeDuc Revolver and cheap Break Action Shotgun. Gibson dropped his aging Laserbow to try out a Variable Pulse Rifle. I even used some minor changes like Salve being the same price as Small IRP to buy one of those for Crazy Rhodes instead of his old approach. With all the new pistols available Sarah Love was finally able to get started on a brace of different types. So she has a Volcanic Pistol for up close and a Peacemaker for slightly longer shots. Her old dual Handcannons went to Crazy Rhodes, who has a better RTN anyway, and his figure matches the dual wield look well.
And so on and so forth.

Anyway here is the PDF roster of the v2.5 Drylands Expedition. I just thought it was neat to see such an “established” posse being updated to the latest weapons.

What I hope to do at some point in the future is revisit this campaign. Maybe not to play it for many more games, but one big finale would be great. Maybe the fight at the Night Dagger camp itself is the finale. That’ll be after the Battle to Seattle campaign wraps up of course. So nice to have all this Dinosaur Cowboys gaming going on.

Also I’m away this weekend so no Battle to Seattle game or other posts this week. Back at it with a fun fight at Lake Tahoe on March 6th though!