Here be Traits

Well the turn around on removing Damage Tracks and creating Traits was faster than expected. I ended up going for Active, Passive, and Boost Traits.

Active are the ones I talked about yesterday that you use when attacking. Things like Crippling Shot. Each has an Activation Number, and if any of your Attacks are greater than or equal to the number, you get to apply the effect of the Active Trait to your target. I ended up solving the “high attack guns become overpowered” bit by modifying the Activation Number based on your number of attacks.

Passive are once per combat abilities that normally give high temporary boosts (like +5 Movement or something), or special effects (like instantly reloading a weapon). I didn’t get too into custom rules here to keep the game at a light skirmish level, and I also tried to have any temporary bonuses go directly to existing stats, instead of things like “Now you get +2 AR from cover!”.

Boosts are flat, static modifiers to existing stats. Like +1 Movement. Hooray…not much to say about them.

I did rules for “Re-Learning Traits” to allow people to re-skill their choices. Then I filled in info on the 3 categories, dropped the Damage Track section, and off I went. Oh I also redid a bit of the Dinotypes table so that it has a +HP column. Then all the related changes to character / sidekick sheets, etc.

I was mildly tempted to have most of the Traits have witty references to popular culture, or be more Fallout style with cutesy names, but ended up going for basic, descriptive names instead. I didn’t think that pop culture references would age well (already Guild Wars: Nightfall skills are looking a little silly) and fun names are JUST fun, but make it difficult to read the list and decide what you want.

Anyways, 22 Traits which totals 36 if you include the various stages (ie: Toughness I, II, and III). Maybe more to come later (send ideas if you’ve got ’em!), but I’ve pretty much exhausted the most obvious options. I think there is plenty of selection considering you only get 9 Traits by max level.
Here is the current list pulled straight from the rules:

Click for full, unsquished size

I figure I’ll post the updated rules tomorrow, since I’m out of energy to do it right now. Then I plan on some playtesting sometime next week…hopefully (it’s looking pretty busy already), and maybe a game or two with real people to cement more testing.

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