v0.5…halfway there?

Well here is v0.5 of Dinosaur Cowboys. My version numbers are sort of off considering this beauty might jump right up to v1.0 in no time. Unlike my last release these rules are now feature complete, including all items, weapons, traits, sheets, etc. I still want to playtest them more, do some refining and reformatting as I go, and keep a running document of enemy sheets that can be used. But yeah, in general things are ready to rock.

I have a game coming up on Thursday, and will hopefully have a less busy week soon to sit down and do some more playtesting myself.

Anyways here are the goods, again as OpenDocument format or PDF:

Rules: ODT | PDF

Items (Weapons, Armor, Equipment): ODT | PDF

Character Sheet: ODT | PDF

Sidekick / Enemy Sheet: ODT | PDF

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