Version 0.7 available

I’m hoping the upcoming battle report draws in some new visitors, in which case I want to have the latest rules available. So rejoice, version 0.7 is available below. Hooray! Besides some further playtesting (mainly around possible simultaneous resolution and initiative/activation), formatting (I want to put in more pictures!), and the usual last minute editing, it’s feature complete. This is the skirmish focused version of Dinosaur Cowboys, and I really like how the rules are playing.
You can see an example game that used these rules in my Encounter at Bosler, Wyoming – Battle Report post.

Anyways here are the goods, again as OpenDocument or PDF format, or online viewing:

Rules: ODT | PDF | View Online

Items (Weapons, Armor, Equipment): ODT | PDF | View Online

Posse Roster: ODT | PDF | View Online

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