Allegiance idea: Canadian Mounties

So I was thinking of some fun variant ideas, and one I came up with is Canadian Mounties. You know, the RCMP up here in the frozen north. In the background story I have Canada covered in ash and turned into a wasteland, more or less, so a small elite group of mounted police sounds perfect for this area. Plus the poster to the left was pretty inspirational haha.

I was thinking their main feature would be the ability to ride Flappers (Pterodactyls). Again in the background I’ve specified that Flappers are too skittish for combat, but maybe the Canadians have a secret training regime figured out to tame the beasts. I thought of this because if the ground was frozen and had three feet of ash covering most places I’d probably want to fly too.
Their weakness would be no wearing Armor since that would crumple their nice red uniforms. Maybe some mods to Bravery as well. It’s always tough to balance against the existing set of Allegiances.
I generally envision a Mountie as a light scout unit. Fast to move around on their Flappers, but without much punch.

I might expand all of this into an “expansion” to the core rules that deals with Canada. Extra rules for ash clouds and ash terrain, new weapons and equipment (pretty much mandatory in an expansion), some new dinosaurs, fleshed out Flappers (with variants), more Traits, etc. We’ll see how it all goes though when I’m back playing games and working on rules in October.

2 Responses to “Allegiance idea: Canadian Mounties”

  1. Teskal Says:

    A mountie in chicago was a series I liked very much. (english name could differ) So I like the Ideas. Do you know good 28mm figures for mounties?

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