Bleeding edge rulebook on Dropbox

Dropbox-LogoI’ve started using Dropbox for some personal file syncing and organization. I think eventually I might setup an instance of ownCloud on my personal server (the same one that runs The Saloon), just because I like free software services like that.

Anyway as part of my Dropbox usage I’ve started synchronizing the latest Dinosaur Cowboys rulebook (both in ODT and PDF format) directly from the internal Subversion repository I use.

So what does this mumbo jumbo mean for you? It means you can download the absolutely latest rulebook at any time. Remember this rulebook is the bleeding edge, not a finalized release, so there may be half finished rules or changes in the document. But hopefully this approach is a handy option for everyone! I know it’ll be a lot easier for me to keep the rulebook up to date. Obviously I’ll still also be following my original release schedule of versioned rulebooks every now and then. I should have done this right from the start, but alas, hindsight!

Bleeding Edge Rulebook:

For example the most recent copy (as of this writing) has minor changes to the stat table, typo in the D4 dice table, and tons of edits from Brandon on Boardgamegeek, and the start of implementing the art from spohniscool. At this point the rules are fairly stable, so not a ton of crazy changes, but it’s the thought that counts!

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