As you exit through The Wall…

in the valley
Photo from Interfacelift

Perhaps you are a Neotechnoist noble grappling over The Wall to see the world outside…
Perhaps you are a Bandit mercenary hired to guard a caravan of gold and silver from the mines outside…
Perhaps you are a Duster bounty hunter waiting for your mark outside…
Perhaps you are a Savage convict having just escaped Haven to the outside…

Either way, I think this picture captures what I imagine some of the area directly outside The Wall around Haven would look like. You can see the trees (jungle I assume ;) ) bleeding slowly into the gritty desert.
In actuality the picture is at Zion’s Canyon in southern Utah, which in the DC universe of 2285 would probably be juuuuuuust on the border of the scorching desert that is too hot to live.

Still a neat one!

New gunslinger painted: “Sarah Love”

Well I’ve had this mini for a long while, and always loved the dynamic pose and brace of pistols. Back in the Windy River test campaign (which seems so long ago!) I had hired a character named Sarah Love with the intent of using this mini. Well I finally sat down and painted her.
As usual I went with a brighter scheme, since like I’ve said before I get tired of painting brown + metal + black. So she has a nice bright purple vest and dashing blue scarf. Although it’s hard to tell in the picture, her goggles are actually a metallic/shimmery green, and then varnished so they shine a bit. I tried to go for ivory handles on the pistols too. I think her face turned out well too, with the lipstick matching her vest and the vicious scar on her cheek. Then a nice bright base to highlight her on the table and she’s ready for war!


Also no matter how much I look over these figures before I take pictures, somehow there are STILL pieces of fluff and dust on them. So annoying.

Great photo of Crater Lake


Ah beautiful Crater Lake in Oregon. I like this picture because I like winding roads on hillsides more than I like pictures of lakes.
And actually you know what, that lake sureeeeee seems close to Seattle. What a coincidence :) And right near a main road too! I wonder if we’ll see more of Crater Lake in the future…

Updated Papo dinosaur collection


I decided to take an updated picture of my full dinosaur collection, since the last gallery was from 2011.
As you can see I’ve had a few new additions since then. I replaced one of the old Raptors with the new re-paint. I got the Ankylosaurs (hooray, my favorite childhood dinosaur). I also bought the Carnotaurus and Dimetrodon (“Fin”).

And I don’t know what it is, but my camera sure looks more washed out than it used to! Might be time to replace the venerable Canon Powershot A540. I imagine I’ve taken at least 20,000 pictures with it throughout the years.

Pictures of the Papo Pterodactyl

Finally got around to taking a few pictures of my new Pterodactyl (“Flapper”). I kept forgetting about him since he’s separate from the dinosaur box I keep the rest in.
Great toy though, very detailed, and it would look perfect hanging from the roof on some fishing wire.
I think eventually I’ll use him as an objective, such as escaping to a Flapper station while being chased or something.


Paintin’ a Prospector

Rambo-Sleepy-WeepyWell I guess he’s arguably just a dude with a shovel, and missing the telltale pickaxe of a Prospector, but I’m still going to consider him one. I’ve had this mini for a long, long while, so I don’t remember what line he’s from or what his original name is. But he’s nicely detailed and has a good mix of old fashion and new equipment (like his sleeping bag roll which looks kinda modern).
Aside from his tophat and AWESOME beard, I kind of got a Rambo (as in First Blood era, not the later stuff) vibe from him. Maybe it’s the sleeping bag slung over the shoulder (pictured right), or the fact that both of them seem a bit troubled. But either way I decided to paint the Prospector’s jacket in old fashion military camo. I also resisted the temptation to put blood on the tip of the shovel, so he’s a great stand in if I need civilians at some point.
As I’ve mentioned before sometimes I get tired of muted colors and brown + black + metal that make up most minis, so as usual I went for some needlessly bright choices. Like his awesome blue velvet tophat (ringed in orange) to match his blue suede shoes.
All in all I’m very happy with the result, and he’s quite striking on the table.

You can see more of the Prospector in the Fight for the Flaming Gorge battle report.

Papo Dimetrodon and Carnotaurus

I briefly covered Papo’s 2013 new releases, which included the Dimetrodon and Carnotaurus. On paper I wasn’t super excited about either (not like the Ankylosaurus at least), until I actually bought the toys and saw how awesome they were.
The Dimetrodon might be the most detailed Papo dinosaur yet, between the extremely well painted “fin” on the back right down the veins down it’s side. Honestly the thing looks like a living lizard.
The Carnotaurus is smaller than I would have expected, but the pose is very dynamic even if a little hard to balance sometimes) and the perfect height to be teeth-to-face with a 28mm mini. Detail is great as always, even if the color scheme is a little drab.
Anyway in my latest game I took a few showcase pictures and thought I’d share (click for larger size):



Just gotta remember to take a picture of the Pterodactyl as well, since it sits by my window sill in the games room I often forget about it by the time I have my camera ready.

You can see more of these two new dinosaurs with some really great pictures in the Fight for the Flaming Gorge battle report.

New Papo 2014 Dinosaurs!

You know growing up I always figured I’d watch release news of video games, movies, and miniatures, but I never thought I’d be excited about when new dinosaur toys come out. I know that people make a career of just keeping up with the dozens of dinosaur toy making companies. But for me I like to focus on the known quality of Papo.
There’s been a bit of news about what the 2014 Papo dinosaur line up will include.
First of all the Dilophosaurus, probably best known from the original 1993 Jurassic Park movie as “the scary one that has cobra frills and spits acid poison stuff!). This model looks pretty cool, although I’ll have to see how it compares in size to some of the other carnivores. I think if it’s a bit smaller I could use it as a Raptor or even Ripper drop in. Since as we all know the actual Papo Velociraptor (even their more recent re-color) is drastically out of scale.

Next up is the Archeopteryx (yeah that’s right, only the highest quality Wikipedia links for you!), best known as the “bird dinosaur thing”. I’ve seen the Thermopolis Specimen fossil at a nearby dinosaur museum, and it looks pretty neat. Not really a fit for Dinosaur Cowboys (mainly because fluffy, feathery dinosaurs make me fall asleep), but if it’s small enough it could be cool.

And finally a Baby Triceratops. Similar to the baby T-Rex that came out all the way back in 2012, I don’t think this would see much use in Dinosaur Cowboys. It’s not like a cowboy would ride a young colt into battle, so why would they do the same with a dinosaur? What I CAN see it being super useful for is an objective marker, and indeed if the price is right and I see it in a local store I might just buy it.

What I’d really like to see are some small, thin herbivore dinosaurs that would suit the “Runner” role well for this game. Right now I’m using a non-Papo dinosaur, just because the scale is correct, but it’s not really my first choice.

See also: New 2012 Papo and New 2013 Papo.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. I’m hoping to get a Dinosaur Cowboys campaign going in the new year with a few friends, so that should be exciting. I still have a battle report to post and a few newly painted figures to talk about too. Just busy during holidays :)

“Cowless Cowboy” by spohniscool

Ever since spohniscool did the great title page for this game, I’ve been following his work. And it just so happens that his latest stuff relates to Dinosaur Cowboys. Mainly because there are dinosaurs…and cowboys…

He’s started on a comic (4 pages at the time of this post), and it looks pretty cool so far. Lots of good dynamic poses and fight scenes. Even a little spearing-while-mounted-on-a-Triceratops.


He did a colored version too!



New painted miniature: Alexander the Bartender

Above is my latest painted miniature: Alexander the Bartender. His name is kind of a nod to the Alexander Keith’s beer popular here in Canada. Apologies for the ever so slightly blurred picture. I’ll try to re-take the photo during my next game.
I went for a pretty standard paint scheme of blue jeans (washed green), dark brown vest, green shirt, hay colored hair, and a wicked looking shotgun of red wood with metal and gold inlays. The element I like best on this miniature is his “butcher’s apron”, which is so gory I should have converted the bottle he’s holding to a meat cleaver ala Bill Cutting from Gangs of New York. I went for a mix of brown ink stains, various shades of red and brown, and the best feature of all: the bloody hand print slowly dragged down the front of his robe. This combined with his twirled mustache gives Alexander quite the menacing look! I even got his eyes painted a merciless ice blue. His bottle has double X in yellow on the painted-on label, and I like how the angled brew inside ended up looking. I went for a wintery stand color with a flat light gray bordered in plain white, which REALLY stands out on the standard green tabletop.
The miniature itself is Mickey O’Doul from the Chronospace line from Reaper Mini. Terrific line up of pop culture miniatures!
Now that I’m all moved to my new house I’ve been able to sit down and paint some more. I also painted a Minotaur for my D&D campaign. Two miniatures in the same month is practically a record compared to how painfully slowly I was painting before. Hopefully it’s the start of a trend. I’ve rounded up all my cowboy-esque figures that I need to get started on. With some luck, buckling down, and inspiration winter should be a productive time.

Finally some better, less blurry pictures! And I had the first tabletop usage of the Bartender (Fight for the Flaming Gorge battle report), where he did quite well!

Two pictures of friend’s posse

My friend has been slowly collecting old Heroclix figures and various dinos to put together a posse. With luck we can get them on the table at some point in the future. For now though just be happy with the cool pictures of two cool looking posses. The first has a Carnotaurus (aka Terror in the game), not sure of the toy company though. The second is a Papo Pachyrhinosaurus (in other words Horned).


New Papo 2013 Dinosaurs!

Well no one ever accused me of being in the loop, but luckily I was randomly doing a search for Papo today and found some absolutely awesome 2013 releases. I’ll cut right to the chase: Dimetrodon (Fin), Carnotaurus (Terror), Pteranodon (Flapper), and a Woolly Rhino.
Remember how I added the Fin dinosaur type a while back? Well it was actually March 2012 as a herbivore match for the Raptor. Since then I don’t know if the beast has ever seen the table. The main reason for that was no easy Papo purchase to match everything else! Well, that’s been remedied now and I’ll soon be buying the newly released Dimetrodon. The craziest part is Dimetrodon is not technically a dinosaur (which is why I put a disclaimer in the rulebook for people who thought the combination of dinosaurs available lived at nearly the same time).
The Carnotaurus also looks cool and would be a nice match to the Allosaurus, and to have a change of pace for the Terror type.
Even though Flappers aren’t used in combat having the dino could make for a nice objective or goal on a map.
The Woolly Rhino looks like a lower quality sculpt from their non-dinosaur line so I’ll probably pass on that.

Anyway the important part! Piiiiiiictures! I didn’t have much luck finding a really high resolution version, so I ended up cutting these out from their electronic catalog.

Update Sept 20th: So I ended up ordering all three of these dinosaurs from Everything Dinosaur, since I didn’t have any luck buying them locally in stores. Now to just anxiously wait for the package to be shipped and delivered. I’ll get some better pictures and use them in a game as soon as they arrive!

Update Oct 1st: Dinosaurs arrived by Air Mail yesterday! Got them unpacked and they look great, especially the Dimetrodon. I’ll get some pictures this weekend, and I think I’ll also redo my out of date Papo Dinosaur Gallery post.

See also: New 2012 Papo and New 2014 Papo.

Good Mounts with Lizardmen from Games Workshop

I thought I’d deviate a bit from plain cowboys and look at some figures from Games Workshop. I can’t believe the price of some of these though. $70 for a kit?! Are you KIDDING ME?! How do people even still play Warhammer?
But anyway the Lizardmen sculpts are pretty cool, and I like the background fluff on them with South-America-as-Lustria. Something about jungles makes them rather appealing.
I figured some of these could be useful as Dinosaur Cowboy mounts since some have saddles sculpted on. Just need some wide legged cowboys to drop into the saddle instead of lizard people.

First up is the recently released Bastiladon, who looks like a mildly overweight Ankylosaurus. The kit has an option to do a crystal laser thingy or have units mounted on it with some kind of snake dispenser. All that looks pretty ridiculous but the main dinosaur is nice and beefy so that’s neat.

Next is the Triceratops equivalent called the Stegadon. The dinosaur has sort of a scrunched up face, but what I really like is the howdah on the back. I could definitely see de-Aztecing it a bit and leaving it empty so figures could sit right aboard the figure. One of these days I’ll get around to mounting a howdah on a Papo toy since I think that’d look a lot more atmospheric than putting the “mounted” figure beside the toy. The less gaudy gold howdah looks even better for this model, but again I just think of what I could get for $70 instead (the price might vary depending on where you’re looking from).

Now we get into the carnivorous offerings with the Carnosaurus, which is just a big mish mash of various real world dinosaurs, but does a good job creating an imposing, menacing predator. The first picture (the gray dinosaur) is actually a Troglodon according to the website, and it looks like a Spinosaurus, which most people probably remember from Jurassic Park 3. Anyway I like the saddle work even if it’s still more Aztec than cowboy. The dangling reins and dynamic pose are very cool and would make a perfect platform for a melee focused character.

Here are some aerial dinosaurs equivalent to the “Flapper” type in Dinosaur Cowboys, in this case named the Terradon. There wouldn’t be much use for them since Flappers are non-combat dinosaurs just used for transportation. But they’re still pretty neat looking!

Razordon and Cold One
And finally a couple of miscellaneous dinosaurs. The first picture is of a prodded Razordon and would be useful for a generic dinosaur encounter, or to represent a Ripper perhaps. The second is a Cold One and could pass for a Raptor if it was a bit bigger (since a Raptor can carry two people). $20 is pretty steep for a single figure, but I imagine you’re getting tired of me ranting about price :)

Anyways there are some nice options if you are a Games Workshop fan, or maybe already have a Lizardmen army and are looking to branch out in your tabletop gaming choices.

I’m going to try to get a game in soon and post another battle report, probably from the Wind River campaign concerning the Drylands Expedition reaching Hyran Mine. I’m thinking the posse will be hired to take on the Night Daggers and go from there. I’m also thinking of doing a fortified, Feature-heavy match with Weapon Emplacements, Shield Generators, etc.

New art just for this game from spohniscool

Right around the new year I did an art feature on spohniscool, an artist who had a great collection of line art involving dinosaurs and cowboys. I had talked with him and he agreed to do some art specifically for the game in his spare time. I’m really happy to present the first piece which he calls “Xenozoic Landscape”. This would be for the Campaign section. I really like the picture because it makes a person want to build a posse and explore. Really evokes the imagination.
The image is on his Deviantart page as well.

I’m going to work on adding in the line art for the next release of the rulebook (v2.0). I might keep the old sepia toned images for the History section (since they go well with the “Pony Express” image), and otherwise drop in line art. What do you think?