Imaginative art from Simon Stalenhag

There are a couple of dinosaur related pieces that the artist Simon Stalenhag has done, as well as some really imaginative robot related work. All in all a nice dark style with moody forests and the suggestion of tense situations. All the images below came from his website, where you can visit and view more:

Instead of flooding the main blog page with huge pictures, click the link below to see the rest that I chose from his full collection.

Signalling Click to view more pictures…

Lego town mixed with normal terrain

March 2015 Update: I finally played out this battle report (albeit with a slightly different Lego table). Take a look at the Thermopolis Outpost Raid with Lego!

Been a long while since my last post! I had a kid, so that’s definitely shifted my focus elsewhere :) As life starts to settle back down I’m hoping to get back into tabletop gaming.

In the meantime I’ve noticed my Lego Lone Ranger post gets a lot of hits from searches. So I figured it would be fun to eventually try a battle report using the Quickdraw posses, but in a Lego town and with Lego minifigs.

Here’s the table I setup to get a feel for how viable the idea is, complete with a dinosaur towing a Lego cart, a jail cell at the end of the road, some rooftop planks to climb between buildings, and various Lego chests scattered around the map (which I’ll use as some kind of Crate feature in the game):


Finally took new components shots

Well this was a long, long time coming (far too long actually) but I finally sat down and took new component shots for the “What is Needed to Play” section of the rulebook. To be honest this was literally the only TODO holding me back from releasing v2.5. So I’m going to do a once over of the rulebook and then publish it today.
Anyway I needed to take a new component shot because the old one had D4s, D8s, and D10s, which v2.5 removes the need for (thankfully).

I think I’m going to go with the big picture above (although I’ll probably retouch the color slightly). The other two options were with different figures involved. I like the one with Sarah Love, but I find her stand a bit too bright (the red ring) and it draws the eye away from the center of the picture. I also like the one with Crazy Rhodes and his dual submachineguns, but I think the Preacher Pike mini is a bit closer to an old west feel.

As you exit through The Wall…

in the valley
Photo from Interfacelift

Perhaps you are a Neotechnoist noble grappling over The Wall to see the world outside…
Perhaps you are a Bandit mercenary hired to guard a caravan of gold and silver from the mines outside…
Perhaps you are a Duster bounty hunter waiting for your mark outside…
Perhaps you are a Savage convict having just escaped Haven to the outside…

Either way, I think this picture captures what I imagine some of the area directly outside The Wall around Haven would look like. You can see the trees (jungle I assume ;) ) bleeding slowly into the gritty desert.
In actuality the picture is at Zion’s Canyon in southern Utah, which in the DC universe of 2285 would probably be juuuuuuust on the border of the scorching desert that is too hot to live.

Still a neat one!

New gunslinger painted: “Sarah Love”

Well I’ve had this mini for a long while, and always loved the dynamic pose and brace of pistols. Back in the Windy River test campaign (which seems so long ago!) I had hired a character named Sarah Love with the intent of using this mini. Well I finally sat down and painted her.
As usual I went with a brighter scheme, since like I’ve said before I get tired of painting brown + metal + black. So she has a nice bright purple vest and dashing blue scarf. Although it’s hard to tell in the picture, her goggles are actually a metallic/shimmery green, and then varnished so they shine a bit. I tried to go for ivory handles on the pistols too. I think her face turned out well too, with the lipstick matching her vest and the vicious scar on her cheek. Then a nice bright base to highlight her on the table and she’s ready for war!


Also no matter how much I look over these figures before I take pictures, somehow there are STILL pieces of fluff and dust on them. So annoying.

Great photo of Crater Lake


Ah beautiful Crater Lake in Oregon. I like this picture because I like winding roads on hillsides more than I like pictures of lakes.
And actually you know what, that lake sureeeeee seems close to Seattle. What a coincidence :) And right near a main road too! I wonder if we’ll see more of Crater Lake in the future…

Updated Papo dinosaur collection


I decided to take an updated picture of my full dinosaur collection, since the last gallery was from 2011.
As you can see I’ve had a few new additions since then. I replaced one of the old Raptors with the new re-paint. I got the Ankylosaurs (hooray, my favorite childhood dinosaur). I also bought the Carnotaurus and Dimetrodon (“Fin”).

And I don’t know what it is, but my camera sure looks more washed out than it used to! Might be time to replace the venerable Canon Powershot A540. I imagine I’ve taken at least 20,000 pictures with it throughout the years.